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(Innovative projects in the organic world) was created in 1999 by its founder, Roberto Durante, as a consultancy company for companies in the food sector looking to develop innovative projects for the new millennium. Innovation, therefore, but also respecting nature and a new way of understanding nutrition.

About Us

We have put together a team that embraces ideals as well as projects. A company dedicated to innovation in the food sector, with a strong focus on the changing needs of the market and customers.

Production and Quality

We want to provide our customers with the highest quality and reliability in all our business activities. Strict selection of raw ingredient suppliers and rigorous supply chain controls ensure high standards for each of our products.

Private Label

We produce and package snacks both under our own brand and private labels, but our real speciality is helping our customers to create their own products, providing assistance at all stages, from design to manufacture.


Our team can support the development of projects through a step-by-step system  (Design, implementation, feedback) that allows us to arrive at a finished product that fully meets  our customers’ needs in an efficient and swift way.

HOw We Work, What we Believe In.

We live in a time of great change. The planet’s equilibrium, exploited beyond its limits, is now in danger and the environment is everyone’s responsibility.
Work and leisure
We guarantee flexible working hours as far as possible and make sure that everyone leaves by 6 pm in the evening so that there is time for family and leisure.
The benefits
We always offer free water and coffee for employees on company premises.
Average age
We are a young and dynamic company. The average age of our staff is 29.
We are convinced that if the company makes a profit it is thanks to everyone’s efforts and daily work. That is why, as of 2020, we have started sharing a percentage of the profits with our employees.
Zero waste
We have careful waste management so that we minimise the possibility of having products that expire. However, should this occur, we have entered into a partnership with the Food Bank, in which products are donated to the needy three months before they expire.
We believe that respecting and preserving nature is primarily a matter of how our raw ingredients are grown. Organic certification is undoubtedly a good starting point.